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The Internet is always evolving, always throwing up more things that business owners need to be aware of. Sure, there are businesses and even industries that don’t use the internet, or that the internet is not a focus, but that does not mean that it is not affecting that business or industry.

There is a pattern emerging that is exciting for some, concerning for others and downright dangerous for some who ignore it.

We will call it “Business Reputation”, unfortunately we cannot call it “Online Business Reputation” because it is mostly online, but it is affecting business offline (traditional Brick and Mortar Businesses) as much as it affects the online retailer. By the way, this does not even require a business to have a website to be affected. There are places where people can “Review” your business without you even being aware of it. Well meaning, happy customers can go to one of these sites and create a review for your business thanking your staff and you for great service, awesome! Then along comes Mr Unhappy and they use the same venue to vent their frustration about what they consider to be bad and wrong about how they perceive they were treated by someone in your business. Prospects read it . . . . . .
Ok, I can hear you saying, “Give me a break! Now I need to worry about this?”
The answer is “No, you don’t.” Take your chances and ignore it all, you will probably never be affected by Bad reviews anyway. Best thing about ignoring is, even if you are affected, you won’t know it.

Reputation has been important for years. Amazon taught us to leave and read reviews. EBay trained us to look at the ‘Seller Rating’ to recognize a trustworthy Seller. Smartphone Apps have feedback, it is rare to find anyone who ignores reviews in the App Store.
That’s all online right? Let’s take it to the streets. Google has recently announced the ‘Google City Experts’ program. Participants receive ‘Special online recognition.’ Open for prolific reviewers, encouraging self-appointed “experts” who will be in businesses looking for reasons to give a good review, and if they can’t find one be assured they will not stay silent.

Good reviews = Good Reputation
Bad Reviews = Out of business, unless you can change your reputation.

A 2012 study by Nielson Media Research concluded that over 70% of Internet users trust online reviews. Over 80% of people looking for reviews on a business, or service, move to a competitor if they cannot easily find reviews.

So what can you do? You need to create a culture of reviews. It goes without saying that you need to give great service, if not extraordinary service. Then you need to encourage reviews from happy customers, and fix unhappy customers before they release their frustrations online. Then, when you have a great reputation, go to the next step – Reputation Marketing.


Reputation Marketing – Building a FIVE Star Reputation online, and leveraging that Reputation to get more Customers. can help you with Reputation Marketing. We have partnered with some of the most innovative Reputation Marketing Companies across the globe to bring a revolutionary method of Marketing your Reputation online. We find where people are leaving reviews about your business and even your competitors, and leverage positive reviews to get you more customers.

We call it “The Competitive Edge”

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