Facebook can pay . . . but Google Maps brings business now.

If you have a business that needs clients, then you must pay attention to your Google maps listing. And, let’s face it, if you are in business, you always need clients.
Google Maps is one of the most downloaded Apps on the net with over one billion unique downloads.
What matters is that people use Google Maps to find places they want to get to, and while they are on those maps, Google serves them up information in the form of business names appearing on the map.
When people search Google for local businesses the results often include a map with businesses included.
EG: Search “Plumber in Strathpine” and the following list of results is likely to appear, I say likely as Google is monitoring your device’s ip address and adjusts search results for you!
Notice that the results in the image include a map with results shown that also include a piece of vital business information, the reviews and reputation in the form of stars.
There is no mistake why the top listing in the maps section is the top. That business has 7 reviews and is rated as 4.3 out of 5 stars. There are other factors to who is where on the list, but reviews are number one on the list of things to do to bring your results up in Maps (and in Google results altogether).
First thing a business needs to do is to ensure their Map listing in up to date, and stays up to date. Ensure the business has “Claimed” their listing. Claiming the listing give you access to the statistics on what business the listing is bringing in. The business can upload the images it wants to show the world and track how many times the images are viewed.
Once you have claimed the listing and viewed the stats, you can call me and thank me for this information, you will be shocked how hard the map listing works for your business.
In further blogs I will share some of the insights and actions to take on your maps listing, and share how powerful pictures of your business and products are for generating clients.

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