Check In – The most powerful Facebook feature

All businesses love the get new Facebook “Likes”, sure, get them if you can, but they will never work as hard as Facebook “Check In”.

People can only “Like” your page once, but they can “Check In” every time they enter your business. And when the Check In, it goes out to their friends who see the Check In and like it, or ask themselves: “What is that place?” which is likely to cause business for you.

The best type of recommendation remains recommendations from Family and Friends right!


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So how does someone Check In to your business.

1: Open your phones Facebook App.

2: Find and click the Check In icon. (see the pic)

3: Find the business you want to Check In to in the list. It may be at the top of the list or you may need to search for the name of the business.

4: Select the business.

5: Either select from the list of things Facebook suggests, search for something different, write your own description, or “Skip” located top right of the screen.

6: Write something about what you are doing, or just “Post” (again located top right)

Your done.



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Now Facebook will show the Check In to friends, as well as keep a running tab of how many people have Checked In to the business.

Facebook will also show some information about this when people are looking at the business page. (See pic right)

So, get people to Check In to your business. Do it however you can. Here is a quick list of ways:
1: Ask them
2: Offer something – Discounts, 2 for one, 2nd for 50%. Something, anything that works.
3: Free Wifi – Set up a wifi system that people have to Check In to your FB Page to access the wifi.
4: Run competitions – “Everyone who Checks In to our business on FB this month, gets an entry into our draw for xxx stuff. Just Check In on FB and show us and we will add you to the draw. The more times you Check In, the better your chances. (One Check In per day max)”

Think of other ways to encourage your customers to Check In, it’s worth it.

PS: Google Maps also has a feature for Cheking In, however currently it is not well used, so concentrating on Facebook will produce more results for business at this time.

That said, something that is creating business with Google Maps is adding great images of your business to the Google Maps listing. Add ing images is a MUST DO.

More on that later


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