Six Steps to 16 Million Views: Blogging with LinkedIn

socialmedia-featI recently read a great article on using LinkedIn to blog. The author of the article “Dave Kerpin” claims that his articles were ‘viewed’ 16 million times.

Note the use of the word ‘viewed’, we must always remember that stats don’t show if a page has actually been read.

(As a side note, you can see how people are interacting with your website by using plugins that can monitor the viewing patters. They can see where people are looking, and even make a sort of screen video of a visitors actions. Crazyegg, ViberSpy PRO are both good)

16 million is an impressive number nonetheless.

Here are the 6 steps he suggests to be successful writing blogs on LinkedIn.

(Probably works many other places)


Step 1: Create a great headline.

Clear, powerful, engaging and promising to deliver great value.

Create a great headline and then fulfil on the content promised by the headline.


Step 2: You need a compelling photo

A “Hero image” apparently counts for 30% of the overall success of the blog.

So find a picture or illustration that captures the content.

Or if that is impossible, a picture of the writer.


Step 3: Be concise.

Don’t waffle or fill the page with unnecessary words.

Keep on task and use fewer rather than more words.

400 – 600 words is enough (this post is shorter than that J)


Step 4: Include “Calls to Action” (CTA)

1st CTA – Ask your readers to comment, ask questions

2nd CTA – Make an offer, send them to a lead gen opportunity, sell something.


Step 5: Share your post

Share on LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, Twitter


Step 6: Repeat

Blog once per week, be consistent


As you can see, I did not try to write a long blog full of information. Using “Steps” you can keep your writing brief while conveying enough information to be useful.

Give it a try.

You can read Dave’s article here


CTA:  Comment below on how you create a Great Headline?

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